Jordy Downloader 1.10: Download files from Internet in dazzling speed.

Jordy Downloader 1.10

Jordy Downloader is a free download manager that allows you to download files from Internet with dazzling speed. It supports BitTorrent, HTTP, HTTPS, FTP servers, online data storage, videos & audio streams. Improve your download experience by 5-10 times faster downloads, easy installation and seamless integration with all popular browsers.

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PowerFolder Mac 5.0: Sync, Share, Access and Backup your Files online or in LAN.

PowerFolder Mac 5.0

Data transfers are unlimited, encrypted and directly between computers, an optional online storage is is possible. For better transfer speed Powerfolder supports multi source downloads and exchange of only the changed parts of files. If needed PowerFolder can be setup in a special udt modus for extreme high speed networks, combined with a special PowerFolder server, you even can run your own online storage on your own servers. 5% discount coupon

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Bucket Explorer for Amazon S3 2009.04.03: Manage data stored in Amazon S3 buckets & CloudFront Distributions

Bucket Explorer for Amazon S3 2009.04.03

Storage Service 3. Download and quickly install Bucket Explorer 4. Enter your Access ID Key and Secret Access Key from your AWS Access Identifiers page into Bucket Explorer fields to connect to S3 5. Create your buckets and upload, manage and share your files online on S3. Why use Amazon S3? -Your data is secure -No minimum and over usage fee for data storage -Use it as an "off site" backup -Use it as a web hosting service -Use it to share data with

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ZenOK Online-Backup 21GB Free 2012: Get a ZenOK Account with 21GB Free Storage

ZenOK Online-Backup 21GB Free 2012

ZenOK Online Backup the free version gives users 2GB of storage space. You have plenty of storage space. Just add your important files to your online backup. ZenOK includes Online Backup in real-time, Web Restore, Military-grade 448 bit Encryption, System Health Check and data protection is guaranteed up to $100,000 USD. Get a ZenOK Account with 21GB Free storage at

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Backup Island ONLINE BACKUP WITH BACKUP ISLAND! Your Offsite Backup Leader

Backup Island

ONLINE BACKUP WITH BACKUP ISLAND! Your Offsite Backup Leader With more than 500,000 installations worldwide already, we offer a proven online backup solution. Your data is safe with us! Secure your data from disaster due to hard drive crashes, accidental file deletion, viruses, theft, hackers, and other nightmares. Backup Island provides the most advanced automated online backup service for your computer. Unlike conventional backup methods, your

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NBS Plant Breeding System  2.03: NBS Data Management and Analysis System for Plant Breeding is special for plant

NBS Plant Breeding System 2.03

Data Management and Analysis System for Plant Breeding is special for plant breeding experts. The two main functions of the system are data storage and data analysis. Data storage:Dynamic data structure is used in the system, you can define breeding characters to meet your own need. So the software can be used by experts either in crop breeding or vegetable breeding. The picture management function of the software is also very useful. Data analysis

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SOS Online Backup 5.0: SOS Online Backup - Award Winning Cloud Backup Solution - PC Mag Editors Choice

SOS Online Backup 5.0

SOS Online Backup provides the industry`s best online backup solution for Home & Businesses. Our Backup Software is loaded with state of art backup features like remote data access, unlimited versioning & data archiving, powerful data recovery to protect your personal & business data 24/7. Whatever your data, whether its digital music, photos or video or business databases or application data, Start backing up with SOS Online Backup today!

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Comodo Backup Backup fast, Restore easy, Files secure, with the new Comodo Backup!

Comodo Backup

Data backup, online storage, scheduling, self-restore, everything you could ever need from your favourite data maintenance software. Main features Online Backup. Keep your important files safe and access them from any computer. Online Drive. You can listen to music, view pictures, play videos and others directly from online storage. Easy backup wizard. Our new wizard scans and categorizes all your data into file type for easy backup. Easy-to-use

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S3 Browser 3.1.9: S3 Browser is a free client interface for Amazon S3 Service.

S3 Browser 3.1.9

Data Centers. - And Many More! Cutting Edge Features Make It Exceptional: - Support for Multiple Amazon S3 Accounts. - Reduced Redundancy Storage (RRS) support. View, Edit, Bulk Edit/Migration. - Processing very large amounts of files (millions) effectively! - Convenient HTTP Headers (metadata) Editor. - Support for bulk ACLs assignment (edit ACLs in batch mode). - Advanced Web URLs Generator. - Bandwidth throttling and proxy support. - Support for

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